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CORE, Inc.

..collaborative opportunities for raising empowerment.. | Press Release No. 2004-015 New York, NY | For the very first time on June 23rd and 24th, the Empire State […]  Read More»

Jun 22, 2004     2 Comments    
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how amazing a change one day can make.. after just a moment, all things are different.. and what once was, is no longer the same.. and everyone […]  Read More»

Jun 20, 2004     3 Comments    
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june 8th

…happy belated birthday pa… i’m a day late in my xanga greetings.. but i was at least able to call home and wish him a happy birthday.. […]  Read More»

Jun 9, 2004     No Comments    
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…it figures it would happen now… well.. i am not a happy camper.. i’ve finally succumbed to a cold.. all winter, i’ve fought it valiantly, but i […]  Read More»

Jun 6, 2004     6 Comments    
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…full steam ahead… God is good… all the time.. all the time… God is good sam’s visa interview went well and his visa is being processed as […]  Read More»

Jun 1, 2004     3 Comments