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my hs friends are sweet.. even though it takes us a while to get together, it’s nice that i still have friends who i spent so much […]  Read More»

Jan 23, 2003     5 Comments    
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hmm.. who knew there was such a thing as quarter life crisis?  i was chatting w/a friend of mine and as it seems to be the case […]  Read More»

Jan 22, 2003     1 Comment    
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happy birthday bernard.. hope you have a great day.. Related posts: 11-Jan-2003 10-Jan-2003 9-Jan-2003 31-Jan-2003  Read More»

Jan 21, 2003     6 Comments    
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i’m a day late in posting.. but i didn’t forget.. happy birthday chelle.. hope you had a great day.. hopefully i won’t get called and we can […]  Read More»

Jan 11, 2003     1 Comment    
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Happy Birthday Michelle!!!   its your birthday..   and you’re suppose to be happy! Related posts: 21-Jan-2003 11-Jan-2003 31-Jan-2003 3-Jan-2003  Read More»

Jan 10, 2003     3 Comments    
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here’s a beauty..   i get paged at 6:40am this morning..    its too early for me to expect anyone in the office..  and its too late for me […]  Read More»

Jan 9, 2003     1 Comment