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I am in the US again..    working in Stelring Forest for the next two weeks. =)  Steph and I had time to visit the reception hall and […]  Read More»

Nov 30, 2003     4 Comments    
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…chesa & perze’s visit… thanks to chesa and perze for driving up this weekend to help me with purchasing the dress .. it was quite a busy […]  Read More»

Nov 23, 2003     8 Comments    
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…miss amelia chan… amelia goes to sam’s house during the day while her parents are working.. which explains why i was able to spend so much time […]  Read More»

Nov 18, 2003     6 Comments    
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Today is my last day at Sterling Forest before I fly back to Toronto..    Some good news came out of this trip..   Stephanie and I finally have […]  Read More»

Nov 15, 2003     5 Comments    
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…a recap of the past week… on work the past few weeks have definitely been wearing on me.. work has gotten so hectic with all the testing […]  Read More»

Nov 6, 2003     8 Comments    
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…happy birthday… happy birthday, thea bong .. i miss those days when we all came together to celebrate birthdays.. and even have actual birthday parties.. i know […]  Read More»

Oct 29, 2003     2 Comments