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minimize calls

…national do not call registry… not sure how many of you are bothered by telemarketing calls.. but since my landline seems to be bombarded daily w/them, thought […]  Read More»

Aug 31, 2003     5 Comments    
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… since change abounds these days… a few days ago, chesa and i were discussing how tedious and time consuming it is to change our xanga layout.. […]  Read More»

Aug 29, 2003     4 Comments    
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…happy 24th birthday… well, today is a very special day for chesa as she turns 24.. i know there are times that she feels that there are […]  Read More»

Aug 26, 2003     6 Comments    
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well well well…    The Fabila family arrived in Toronto friday morning of last week..   and the two families met up for dinner.   Miss Amelia Chan insisted that she […]  Read More»

Aug 26, 2003     4 Comments    
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…happy 28th birthday… happy birthday to my special someone, sam .. he’s soo yeah!!! i’m sorry i’m not able to share this special day w/you.. but i […]  Read More»

Aug 19, 2003     3 Comments    
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…misc digipics on ofoto… finally uploaded some more digipics to ofoto.. sorry for the lateness.. BASIC 2003: this was such a blessing.. it was great to meet […]  Read More»

Aug 19, 2003     1 Comment