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ok ..   I am feeling more and more like an engaged person now..    before I thought..   yeh..  I’m engaged..  not now..   now I am like.. “I AM […]  Read More»

Jul 25, 2003     3 Comments    
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sam and me

…at kris’ graduation party |6 days after|… this past weekend has been quite busy.. sam and i arrived in jersey around 11:30 to find everyone [+perze] still […]  Read More»

Jul 20, 2003     6 Comments    
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…most of you know.. but just in case.. i know most of you know already, but to minimize all the notes i’d probably have to send out, […]  Read More»

Jul 18, 2003     3 Comments    
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Wow..   I never knew that an engagement would generate so much fanfare…  thank you for all the well wishes. The most common question that people had for […]  Read More»

Jul 16, 2003     7 Comments    
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So I proposed to my longtime girlfriend..  Stephanie … now the real work begins.. A lot of planning needs to be done…   Stephanie and I have a […]  Read More»

Jul 15, 2003     10 Comments