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another monday.. how the weekend flies.. happy birthday to sam’s niece amelia.. she turns 2 today.. i spent the weekend relaxing.. friday i watched my big fat […]  Read More»

Feb 24, 2003     9 Comments    
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perfect girlfriend

-Perfect- You’re the perfect girlfriend. Which means you’re rare or that you cheated 😛 You’re the kind of chick that can hang out with your boyfriend’s friends […]  Read More»

Feb 21, 2003     10 Comments    
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Feb 19

to alvin .. belated birthday greetings.. sorry for the lateness.. got caught up in the whole snow situation and trying to get back to connecticut.. Related posts: […]  Read More»

Feb 19, 2003     No Comments    
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its joe millionaire fever..   i was sooo shocked when zora was picked..    i swear that the blonde girl sarah was the choice..   because evan kept on saying […]  Read More»

Feb 18, 2003     5 Comments    
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this reminded me so much of one of my co-workers if i ever get one of these phone calls. Related posts: Feb 12 Feb 3 18-Feb-2003 […]  Read More»

Feb 13, 2003     1 Comment    
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Currently Playing: Crowded House – don’t dream its over sooo..  today is the 12th..  my goodness.. its so close to Valentine’s Day..    and usually for Valentines Day..  […]  Read More»

Feb 12, 2003     3 Comments