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Boxing Day today..    yesterday was Christmas.. =) spent the day working on my computer..    I lost a hard drive..   ouch..  36GB down the toilet..   so I had to […]  Read More»

Dec 26, 2003     8 Comments    
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…merry christmas, everyone… so after all the planning and shopping, christmas has arrived and is almost over.. i just wanted to wish everyone a very merry christmas […]  Read More»

Dec 26, 2003     3 Comments    
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Xanga sucks..  I had a long update..  and it did not record it..   forget this stuff.. i gues they just want me to update to that silly premium […]  Read More»

Dec 23, 2003     4 Comments    
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…happy birthday lub… the day can’t pass w/o my sending out a birthday greeting to kris.. happy 19th birthday lub.. hope your day was a happy one, […]  Read More»

Dec 17, 2003     No Comments    
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The snow just dropped all day yesterday..   and on friday..   gosh friday’s commute was horrible.   I drove to work early..  I worked 2nd shift..   so I had […]  Read More»

Dec 7, 2003     2 Comments    
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…first snow of winter… it’s snowing.. it’s snowing.. it’s been freezing the past few days and today it started snowing.. it’s a bit gloomy and dark outside.. i’m working.. […]  Read More»

Dec 5, 2003     3 Comments