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the phrase of the weekend is “that’s so yeah!!!” courtesy of  takeshi and kristie .. i can’t believe it’s already saturday and i will have to drive back […]  Read More»

Nov 30, 2002     3 Comments    
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its Thanksgiving today in the US..   whoo hoo. yesterday..   went out with steph and her friend julie from university..   it was a late dinner at this chinese/japanese […]  Read More»

Nov 28, 2002     3 Comments    
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i just want to announce that I am an uncle again.. =)   My sister had a baby girl this morning..  both my sister and the baby are […]  Read More»

Nov 27, 2002     1 Comment    
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well, thanksgiving is almost upon us.. happy thanksgiving to everyone.. hmm last year, i think it was around this time that i started to do more w/my […]  Read More»

Nov 26, 2002     6 Comments    
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Sorry.. I have not written in a while..   it was just like yesterday that I finished talking about that retarded customer..  you know the one..  the one […]  Read More»

Nov 16, 2002     4 Comments    
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last night, i finally went to see les miserables with some co-workers.. we took the train down to the city, had dinner at a mexican restaurant, and […]  Read More»

Nov 15, 2002     12 Comments