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got back to ct last night.. chelle kindly picked me up at newark, went to mt. fuji and watched mothman prophecies with brownies and ice cream .. […]  Read More»

Sep 29, 2002     9 Comments    
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my friend Mike and Becky had their wedding on saturday..   during mid-autumn festival..   it was very nice to see my two good friends soooo happy. =)   also..  […]  Read More»

Sep 24, 2002     5 Comments    
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ohhh..   its friday!!   my friend is getting married tomorrow!   congrats to Becky and Mike..     I went to highschool with Becky..  and was in IE with Mike during […]  Read More»

Sep 20, 2002     7 Comments    
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hmm.. it seems that my flooble is not working i’ll have to look into that.. anyway, it is thursday.. it’s been very busy for me trying to […]  Read More»

Sep 19, 2002     12 Comments    
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augh..   the morning just started..   and work is ..  sooo blah..  i just don’t feel its worth it today..  the laziness that some of my co-workers have..   […]  Read More»

Sep 17, 2002     5 Comments    
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well, another monday.. another day of work.. i seem to always be complaining about work.. i should do something about it.. but what can i say, i’m […]  Read More»

Sep 16, 2002     5 Comments